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Intensive Coaching Session


This call is a paid, one-off, virtual session that helps you deep dive into a particular struggle you're experiencing and come out with greater insight + actionable steps you can take to go where you want to go or be where you want to be. See more details below!

Image by Sasha  Freemind

What You'll Gain

  • You'll lift your vibe & feel more inspired/motivated to do what you want to do most, but maybe haven't found the time, energy or resources to do so...yet!

  • Find greater clarity for your journey moving forward!

  • A quick summary plan detailing your biggest obstacles, how you can take action to move around these, and where to start

  • Accountability via email support through your first action step

What to Expect in the Session + Who This is For

  • A 2-2.5 hour session, where we'll use specific questioning techniques to learn more about your situation and journey

  • It is investigative, not interrogative; we investigate with compassionate curiosity :)

  • Virtual session

  • This is for anyone who just needs a little nudge to get going; they maybe aren't ready or feel they don't need to invest in the full coaching program yet, but know they need some kind of support in taking that next step towards taking needed action or more fully living the life they want


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