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Find Your Yoga

A Self-Exploration Journey

So...self-exploration journeying is my absolute favorite...and helping people connect with themselves, know themselves and love themselves more deeply is seriously the coolest, most fun thing I do!


This space is for learn about yourself & how to live your own magical life alongside other women who are wanting to do the same.


This program is called "Find Your Yoga" because Yoga is the practice of connecting truly and deeply with your real, whole self. 

If you, likewise, get all excited about self-discovery, learning and intentionally living well, you're in the right place. See how to sign up below!

Image by Zen Bear Yoga

The details...

  • 6 live, online sessions (2/month)

  • 6:30-8:00pm EST on Thursday nights

  • Some relaxing yoga (can be done in your bed, on a mat, wherever you feel comfortable)

  • Guided meditations to help you develop your own practice

  • Short workshop sessions around self-connection tools & practices you can use in your daily life

  • A workbook with journaling to do on your own time to self-explore more 

  • Group chat time to share ah-has!, celebrations and learnings, really love community share time :)

  • Next session starts Thursday June, 15th

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