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Transform Your Life with Me! Live Wild, Peaceful & Free

What does it mean to live Wild, Peaceful & Free? How do you even go about doing this?

To live Wild, Peaceful & Free is an adventure, my friends! It’s the life our souls crave: to be free, joyful, grateful for life everyday. No one really wants to stay stuck in anger, despair, anxiety, pain and struggle. The sadness is, many do. Some never learn how to get unstuck and let me tell you, there are LOTS of ways to do just that.

Wild, Peaceful & Free is about exactly this--getting unstuck and staying that way, living in flow, instead of struggle. This is a lifestyle I want to embody and share with others who are ready to live the full life they’re meant for.

The first step in making this lifestyle a reality is awareness. Once you awaken to who you really are past any of the muck you’ve been bogged down by (in your own mind), you know freedom. You continue to find freedom as you walk the self-exploration path, connecting to and knowing yourself deeply, perhaps seeing yourself in a completely new light. I explain a little bit more on the “how” of finding freedom below, so keep reading!

Walking down this self-exploration path led me to my own awakening. I began accepting who I am, stepping fully into my light and welcoming more goodness into my life, including this awesome business!

My Story: How Wild, Peaceful & Free Came to Be

I didn’t exactly choose the path of awakening. I thought I knew what I needed to know about living a full life. I knew there was more to learn, more I needed to practice, and I was always excited to learn more, but at 28 years old, I thought I was pretty wise and dialed in on the mystery of life.

I forgot about the playful nature of universe: right when you become comfortable, it likes to shake things up, keep you on your toes. My reality and what I thought I knew was about to be blown out of the water.

A year and a half ago, I felt like my life was at a crossroads. I was ending another seven year cycle and being prompted to “take stock” of where I was and where I wanted to go. The only thing was, I didn’t really have a vision of where I wanted to go next--not a strong one at least--and I had started to think I didn’t need one. Up until that point, my life flowed easily from one place to the next. The next decision always presented itself clearly. Then here I was, in a life I loved, where I was almost complacent except for a subtle itch that something wasn’t totally right.

I decided the itch was pushing me towards a slight career change. And so I started making moves to figure that out. I jumped into problem-solving mode, sought out resources, teased out new possibilities, new solutions. And it all started to come together.

As the career portion aligned, all seemed to be headed in a positive direction. But then other parts of my life were going wrong--I wasn’t feeling appreciated or valued in my workplace or in my relationship. My efforts to find improvements or solutions seemed to be met with resistance and I started living in states of frustration, anxiety and resentment. I was thinking what the heck! I am taking action, living my truth, working hard, loving the best I know how, doing all the things--why isn’t all this working?!

Well, there was something a little off about my approach that I didn't fully get until later. It wasn’t completely wrong, but it definitely wasn’t balanced either. For one, I was starting to operate from this disempowered state of “lack,”focusing more on what I wasn't getting than building on all I already had. I was also stuck in a victim mindset cycle, blaming others and then myself for the problems I was experiencing. The other big one that threw me way out of balance was driving, driving, driving, fixing, and controlling--or at least trying to. I became so hyper-focused on manipulating the future (without a clear vision of where I was headed) that I stopped making time to just be, feel, and listen to myself.

To be fair, I was a newbie at the “being,” “feeling” and “listening”--I mean truly listening to your heart. I was pretty good at doing this for others. I was almost equal thinker and feeler and I felt I knew how to do both well. I valued down-to-earth, genuine connection and studied a lot on mindfulness, mindset work, yoga, meditation.

But even knowing all that I knew, cultural conditioning and unconscious programming is strong. I grew up in this society that doesn’t value intuition, femininity or talking about uncomfortable things. When things go wrong, you fix, you surge ahead, keep driving, stuff down or numb what’s not helpful, go on the defensive and fight back. These were some of my go-to's when I felt my safety or sense of self-worth were being threatened, which at the time were strongly tied to my identities as a teacher and a partner.

I know this is a similar experience for a lot of people--bury the problems, pretend problems are not there at all, fix, numb with infinite distractions, or fight back when feeling threatened. The thing may not actually be threatened, but your subconscious says you are and you'll unwittingly act accordingly. The real problem occurs when you don’t even know that this is the default response--and that was me!

Unwittingly reacting or avoiding the hard stuff are signs of imbalance. Living unbalanced will at some point blow up in your face. When that point happened for me, I realized the drive was just a way to avoid the underlying stuff: old hurts, limiting beliefs around relationships, self-worth and self-doubt.

What I didn’t know I actually needed all along was mind healing. This was my ah-ha moment, the start of the awakening to a deeper awareness than I had yet known. As I journeyed through my own process, I found clarity in the muck of my mind. I found clarity around my life’s purpose. I remembered why it’s so important to have a vision for the future and started re-creating mine.

I found how my pain of not knowing how to face inner struggles with grace and compassion, becoming so deeply over-attached to my own emotions, thinking they’re unique, is another common human experience. And I decided I didn’t want to stay stuck in that struggle.

Knowing my mind better, I was able to start owning the darkness and the light inside me, realizing both together make me the unique and beautiful being I am. I finally owned that one of my gifts is the joy I bring to life and the joy I can bring to the lives of others, where subconscious hurts had previously taught me to stifle that joy or feel shame around it.

I was excited to share what I knew and help others find passion, clarity and purpose for themselves. I knew I wanted to coach, but even more I envisioned this community of people coming together to live out a similar mission! Wild, Peaceful & Free is a breathing representation of who I am living into and what I hope to inspire others towards: a joyful, playful, creative, hopeful, peaceful, free existence where we are getting the most out of life and giving the most back. We are connecting authentically, appreciating the beauty inside us and around us. We’re living in the clouds and dreaming but equally grounded to the Earth.

I learned from all of this that we truly create our own reality--for better or for worse. We get what we expect! So why not expect something great? Why not choose to believe that this kind of life is possible?

The How: How do you find all this peace, joy, love and freedom?

HINT: It starts with believing that you have the ability to change your experience. Self-healing is a huge part to getting here!

You may be asking, does everyone really need to heal?

The answer is: YES! If you’re human, you have healing work to do--no matter how good or great your childhood was or life currently is--we all have things. Just ask the voice in your head that keeps you from doing the things you want to do or is the one that’s behind your unwanted, impulsive and/or self-sabotaging behaviors.

Here’s some reasons why it’s so important to find the healing:

  • When we heal our own minds, we heal generations. When we heal, we know how to give others the love, compassion and support they need because we know how to give it to ourselves first.

  • PSA: The world is so focused on change--change our legal systems, change our school systems, change all the systems. But the individual healing work is what heals the systems and we won’t see changes we want until people actively heal themselves first.

  • People go around projecting their own realities and oftentimes their subconscious hurts onto others--especially loved ones. We can prevent lash outs, stone-walling, or passive-aggressive behaviors that only cause pain and confusion for all parties involved. We can give love and intimacy as much as we can receive it when we do the healing.

  • Without doing the healing, people can experience a constant inner struggle, or a struggle they feel cripples them in different points throughout their lives, like a recurrent feeling of insecurity.

  • Without doing the healing, people can experience multitudes of suffering: anxiety, depression, feelings of emptiness and wanting to fill space with external validation, food, alcohol, work, or other things outside of themselves

  • Without actively healing, most people go walking around unconsciously limiting themselves from all their greatness. And then the world misses out on this greatness: your unique gifts!

How does the healing factor into living Wild, Peaceful & Free?

When you do the healing, you learn you don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to be at war in your own brain. Inner harmony is possible once you know what’s really going on inside your mind and body.

Inner peace and true freedom begin with awareness around the mind and consciously, compassionately facing fears around the limiting stories we’ve learned throughout lifetimes. Facing fears is living wildly. And a fear isn’t always something huge, like picking up your whole life and moving to a new country or leaving a partner. It can be a simple belief in your own brain that you need to face.

Once you build awareness around how the mind functions and then actively clear out the things you no longer need, actively heal, you make space for all these new possibilities to enter--a new life, a new way of being, more love, joy, peace, freedom, more of what you really want and need. You can access potential beyond what you may currently think is possible. You can create more fulfilling relationships with the important people in your life (including yourself!!)

Maybe you’re thinking all this sounds too good to be true...It’s not. And it’s not always a cakewalk either. It’s life! We still have light and dark times. It’s still messy. There’s still going to be hurts. The idea is that you’ll know how to flow with them instead of meeting them with resistance or struggle. The valleys won’t dip so low, last quite as long or be quite as dark. You can dance through the storm and be grateful for the rain. You feel the pain and let it go before it causes your body and mind unnecessary strife.

There’s so much you can do on your own to heal, but trust me, when someone is there holding up the mirror for you, often times there’s so much more that can be learned and let go of in a shorter amount of time. I had a teacher who helped shift my own mindset when it came to the concept of healing. He suggested using the term “wholing” because we’re never actually broken. We just become separated from our truth through life experiences and need to find our way back.

Because I know how the mind works and how a person can build awareness to find more peace, freedom and joy, this is my life’s mission: to help people awaken to the truth of who they are and support them in living out their purpose.

I help people restore their relationship to life through restoring the relationship to themselves so they can have the relationships, the career, the purpose and fulfillment their souls seek.

If you’re ready to deepen your self-connecting and wholing process, there’s so much you can do right now. Get out there and do the things that really light you up--that ignite your own joy, creativity, and passion. Have a dance party, get outside, let your guard down and be playful. You’ll feel the connection and joy. Think like a kid. Do what inner child you thinks sounds fun. I’m going to start rollerblading again...something I loved doing when I was younger!

What will you do to deepen your self-connection and wholing journey?

If you’re ready to go full-in on this journey now and want some guidance, I would love to support you, hold up your mirror, and help you find the clarity you're seeking!

Book a free initial consultation with me to learn more about how we can work together:

Get ready for a true breakthrough!

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