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For businesses and public institutions, I offer various workshops to help people apply holistic wellness practices to their daily lives, create more of the work-life balance and lessen chance for sidelining dis-ease and chronic stress. Workshops can be done virtually as well as in-person. For more information, fill out the reservation form and I'll be in touch in the next 24-hours.

Learn the Art of Rest & Decrease Harmful Stress

Find out how to create the balance where stress is no longer overtaking your day or derailing you from what’s most important in your life. Come relax, recharge and refocus on you so you can flow through your days with more ease and peace.

Duration: 2 Hour Long Session(s)

Rest Snacks: Add these Delicious Moments to Energize Your Day

In this session (these sessions), you’ll explore some simple Yogic and Qi Gong practices that you can use to create more energy and peace throughout your day while giving your body the rest that it needs to continually recharge and find balance.

Duration: 1 Hour Long Session

Boundaries: The Secret Ingredient for a Full Life of Love, Peace & Vitality

Boundaries are the hardest and also the easiest way to find and keep your peace of mind and strengthen your most important relationships. Learn how to establish and maintain healthy boundaries at home, at work, and in all of your important relationships to protect your peace, time and energy on the daily.

Duration: 2 Hour Long Session(s)

Live Your Life in Balance & Find Peace in Your Everyday

 Identify some of the major causes of body/mind imbalance throwing you off your optimal energy, mood and sense of peace. Learn how to create greater balance in your life and experience more day-to-day ease and fulfillment.

Duration: 2 Hour Long Session(s)

Radical Self-Acceptance: Understanding our Whole Selves & True Nature

This workshop is for you if you’ve ever struggled with addictions, anxiety, self-doubt, or perfectionism. Learn how knowing your true nature allows you to build radical self-acceptance and transform these struggles into wisdom and peace.

Duration: 2 Hour Long Session(s) preferred; can be adapted to 1 hour

Stop Limiting Yourself: Mindsets to Empower Your Life & Embrace Possibility

Learn the inner-workings of the unconscious mind that can keep you stuck repeating the same unhelpful thoughts and behaviors throughout life. Identify the specific beliefs and mindsets that have been limiting you & learn how to shift into the mindsets that will empower you to grow and thrive.

Duration: 2 Hour Long Session(s) preferred; can be adapted to 1 hour

Investments range between $200-$500 per session depending on group size, travel and materials expenses.


For workshops, two sessions are ideal for increased discussion time amongst participants and allow for deeper integration of the learning on the part of the participant. 

Simple as...




Click "Reserve a Session" to let me know which offering(s) you're interested in.

I'll reach you via your preferred mode of contact within 24 hours & we'll set up a virtual or in-person pre-meet.

We'll chat, iron out some details for your specific situation/audience, and set a date & time for session(s) if we  both want to move forward.

What People Say...


“I found peace through setting the time aside to be present for this group. Although the workshop made me realize the imbalances I have in my life, it provided me with the energy to be able to tackle it.”

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