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Live Wild, Peaceful & Free

Conscious Living | Embodied Movement
| Energy Revival
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Hi!! I'm Erica--founder of Wild, Peaceful & Free! I created this space for a lot of reasons...but to say it most simply: I wanted to change the world by sharing the transformative power of the mind-body-spirit connection with others. I believe you can embody your highest, truest self and live with joyful ease by connecting regularly with your own inner resources: body, breath, knowledge of the mind, and movement.

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Pillars of the Wild, Peaceful, & Free Life


See your life clearly and objectively through intentional, consistent self-connection practice.


Learn the tools and strategies that allow you to take ownership over your life so you're creating the life you desire.

Inspired Action

Take the wheel of your life with consistent, aligned action towards what matters most to you.


Watch your life expand in unforseen, inspiring ways. Experience the possibilities life is offering you.


Studying at Home
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Find what might be holding you back from living your soul-path. Learn how you can begin living more aligned with what calls you most in this one-off session.

Energy healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Your life force energy knows exactly what you need in order to thrive at any given time. Reiki activates this energy and literally lifts your vibrational frequency.

1:1 & Group Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation experiences for individuals and businesses. Learn how to nurture your mind, body & spirit. 

If you are looking for the services that Erica provides…You need not look any further. Our after-work sessions had a variety of personalities and people. Erica has a true gift to make each person feel comfortable, safe, and heard. She does this with every single personality type (and we all know different personality types). She has a genuine quality that bonds with everyone. It is truly impressive when you take a moment to observe from this angle. While I think Erica is naturally gifted and talented for what she does and I applaud her bravery for going for it, I know that she puts in countless hours to improve herself and her practice. I also know that she is flexible to meet the needs of the people in the organization. For example, after a few weeks into one of the programs, Erica took to constructive feedback, switched gears and improved the experience for the participants. We are all learning and growing together. I am so thankful for any time that I get to spend with Erica. She truly is working to bring peace and good to the world. She helps people establish their own practice, while continuing her own practice, so that they can bring peace and good to themselves and then spread to others. Thank you Erica.

Jen B., Middle School Teacher


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