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More About this Wild, Peaceful & Free Journey

A few years ago, I experienced a series of events that led to what felt like this "awakening" period. It was like a mind-blowing burst of ah-ha moments one after the other.

Over time, all of these ah-has were birthed into "Wild, Peaceful & Free." Ultimately, I knew I could help people move through hard things and find amazing new possibilities--rather than stay stuck somewhere they don't truly want to be (e.g. a literal place, a state of mind, harmful cycles). I realized I could use my experiences to help people learn to flow with life as opposed to fighting it. Every step I've taken towards greater freedom for myself, I've found more wisdom nuggets to unearth that true inner peace, joy and expansion that I think life is really supposed to be all about.

Here are some of my learnings from this time:

  1. I needed to begin breaking free from conditioning, unconscious patterns and cycles keeping me stuck.

  2. I needed to learn how to trust myself more fully and act from this place more often.

  3. I needed to surrender to the universe's will and stop fighting so hard for control.

  4. I needed to be free from restrictions (a lot self-imposed...).

  5. I needed more energy through better mind, body, and soul nourishment.

  6. I needed to nix that hustle culture, the drive drive drive, exhaust, burn out--and create more balance.

  7. I needed to learn what true self-acceptance looks like and practice this daily.

  8. I needed to be creative for the sake of being a creative being & that it connects me to my true self.​


Over the last few years, I've gone deep into this world of wellness, biohacking, and embodied, conscious living. Being a lover of learning, I have studied the gamut of things: Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Doula work, Neurolingustic programming and quantum time release! Eclectic indeed, but everything is also connected. And ultimately, all of this study has enriched what I'm able to offer in my services--and I'm still learning! 

The clarity I've gained so far is the peace, joy and freedom I love sharing with other people who are ready to surrender to the flow of life and trust that every experience is working for your highest good.

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A little more about my education & experience in this realm (wondering what we might have in common!)...

  • Bachelor of Science in Education (Middle Grades English & Social Studies)

  • Former Division I sprinter (400m dash); contributed to 7 MAC Championships for the women's team at Kent State University--a totally fun and ridiculous winning streak!

  • Have been a long-time athlete (soccer, track, basketball, snowboarding, rollerblading, yogi); now rollerblading and yoga are definitely my bliss!

  • Random trivia fact: My senior year of high school I was third fastest in the state of Ohio in the 400m dash and got to join the same Hall of Fame as LeBron James (we went to the same school).

  • Speak conversational Spanish--still have the vocabulary of probably a 5th grader--but I'm working with it! I lived in El Salvador for three years.

  • Master of Education in School Counseling

  • 7+ years in teaching/middle school education

  • 3+ years in project management and change leadership

  • 500+ hours of yoga education and holistic wellness training: a 200 hour YTT training, Prenatal Yoga & Sacred Birth Doula training, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Reiki Levels One and Two, and Evolved Neuro Linguistic Programming with a focus in Energetics, Forgiveness Healing and Quantum Time Release

  • 300+ yoga and holistic wellness teaching hours

  • 11+ years of life coaching & teaching experience

  • 2000+ hours of personal yoga and meditation practice

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