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More About Me & Wild, Peaceful & Free

How all this got started!

Sometimes I don't know where to start, you know? We humans are crazy, beautifully complex. There's so much to take in from life, literally millions of bits of information per second. And then thousands of learnings to take out of our numerous experiences.

But I'll start at this one particularly momentous point in my journey: A few years ago, I had a series of events that led to what felt like this "awakening" period. It was particularly momentous because I had some of the most impactful learnings yet--and there were a lot!

Over time, I sorted them out, and they were birthed into "Wild, Peaceful & Free." I started this movement when I knew I could help people move through hard things and find amazing new possibilities--rather than stay stuck somewhere they don't truly want to be. I knew I could help people learn to flow with life instead of fight with it. Every step I've taken towards greater freedom for myself, I've found more wisdom nuggets to unearth that true inner peace, joy and expansion that I think life is really supposed to be all about.

Before my awakening period, I was going through that "dark night of the soul time"--angry, confused, things just were not working out the way I wanted...(**universes chuckles sweetly**)! It seemed like everything I thought I wanted was no longer an option. I felt thwarted and defeated--and just sad. A very interesting and new experience--feeling so out of control (while I was trying so hard to control...).

But every step I took towards what felt most right to me and the more I created space to just be, and listen to what I really needed, the more I connected to this inner resource and strength. I started to unearth all these learnings and new knowings that felt mind-blowing to me at the time. These learnings are what I love sharing with others. 

Here are some of the big big ones:

  1. I needed to begin breaking free from conditioning, unconscious patterns and cycles keeping me stuck.

  2. I needed to learn how to trust myself more fully and act from this place more often.

  3. I needed to surrender to the universe's will and stop fighting so hard for control.

  4. I needed to be free from restrictions (a lot self-imposed...).

  5. I needed more energy through better mind, body, and soul nourishment.

  6. I needed to nix that hustle culture, the drive drive drive, exhaust--and create more balance.

  7. I needed to learn what true self-acceptance looks like and practice this every day.

  8. I needed to be creative for the sake of being a creative being & that it connects me to my true self.

Out of my experience--from a burnt-out middle school teacher/school counselor who just wanted to make a real difference, someone somewhat on their soul path, but not fully, someone still living blindly according to expectations of the environment--to someone realizing what it truly means to live wild, peaceful & free, I became passionate about helping others do the same: Reclaiming all their uniqueness and beauty, connecting deeply with themselves, their inner resources and purpose.

I went deep into more study--of yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, astrology, neuro-lingustic programming and quantum time release! You name it. But ultimately all of this study has enriched what I'm able to offer in my coaching--and I'm still learning! 

The clarity I've gained so far is the peace, joy and freedom I love sharing with other people who are ready to find this for themselves. To be totally real, half the peace in that clarity is largely...realizing you don't know anything at all...and you don't really need to either. The art of surrender--that actually makes you stronger.

Can you relate?

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