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How to Consciously Craft Your Own Life Story

Who doesn’t want (or secretly want) their life to be a grand story? A grand story isn't being rich and famous, having all the money and accolades. A grand story is each person living out their own, unique mission and making a positive impact on the world in some way.

You might want that grand story or even have a vague picture of what it looks like for you, but there may also be something inside you that doesn't believe you'll ever live this story or really be able to live out your dream. If I didn’t meet some of my mentors, I can’t say I’d be here, writing the story I want to live. Because even though I’ve always been a “go-getter” with this entrepreneurial spirit, there were a lot of beliefs holding me back from doing what I wanted to do or pursuing changes in the direction of my vague vision.

Our entire lives are stories and sometimes we just get stuck in them. The ones that really hold us back are those limiting stories from the past. If we’re not aware of them, they’ll not only control our present [and future], but they’ll likely keep us from consciously crafting our own grand stories.

In my new mini course, “Leave the Limitations Behind & Write an Inspired New Story,” we tap into the power of story in our lives--the power we have to shape our own story consciously and intentionally. Being able to truly create the story that we want starts with owning where we’ve been, who we are and all the experiences that make us unique.

Once you start accepting all of who you are, you are empowered to write the story you envision for your life.

Accepting all of who you are isn't some kind of magical overnight transformation. It takes work! But the more you trust that the journey is worth it and do the work, the more you see the fruits of your labor in your everyday life!

Part of this work is separating yourself from the beliefs that you’ve gathered along the way. All throughout our lives, we’re picking up beliefs from our environments, our families, friends, school, the media. Eventually you have to ask yourself: What’s really true for you?

You may find that a belief you have is not really your own. It came from someone else or somewhere else. Or you may find you have a belief that childhood you created. It’s no longer true, but it’s still affecting your life.

In order to grow, and in order to live that grand story, you have to leave some old beliefs behind. Take a moment and think about what you really want to do or what changes you’d like to see in your life. Then take a moment to visualize yourself actually making those changes and notice what thoughts come up for you.

You might find that there’s a lot of beliefs running through your mind about what you can and cannot do, who you are and who you’re not.

I wonder if any of them sound like this:

  • I have to stay in my 9-5 to sustain the kind of life I want and/or provide for my family.

  • Financial freedom is not in the cards for me. I’ve always struggled with money.

  • So and so left his job to follow a dream, but I never could.

  • I’m not creative enough to do [Insert: the thing you really want to do].

  • I don’t deserve [Insert: the thing you really want most].

  • I don’t have the time or the energy or the money to do XYZ.

  • I’m too shy to start my own business.

  • If I follow my dream, I’ll lose the people I love.

  • I’m too old to make changes. I’m too old to follow my dream.

  • Life is about the hustle and grind. Hard work=success.

Even if you don’t resonate with any of these statements exactly, I wonder if versions of these limiting stories popped into your mind.

Here’s something important to note about these limiting stories: They may have shreds of truth to them. These stories aren’t completely derived out of thin air. They come from our past, our own memories, and many of the stories have been deeply ingrained since childhood.

It can be hard to A) recognize these beliefs for what they are--only thoughts, and B) actually change them. But, here’s the thing: You can change them! The first step is believing that you can.

Usually there are just a few beliefs that are at the true root of all the others. These are the ones that cause the most trouble for you and holding you back, consciously or unconsciously.

In an upcoming mini-course I share how you can find the roots and energetically clear these beliefs from your mind and body.

If you know that you have beliefs that are no longer serving you or are keeping you from living out your dream, start taking the steps to change these beliefs.

In this mini course, I break down the steps so you can "Leave the Limitations Behind & Write an Inspired New Story!

You'll walk away with inspiring insights, an empowering new story, and the know-how to actually make this story your reality.

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